When you change the way you view birth, the way you birth will change

~ Marie Mongan

What if your birth left you feeling: calm, powerful, connected, and blissful?

It can!

What if instead of focusing on "getting through labor" we focus on "enjoying labor"? What if everything happened just as we imagined it to be? We believe this is possible. When healthy moms carrying healthy babies are educated, supported, trust their bodies, are free of fear, birth can occur gently without peril.

We also believe that birth should be honored no matter what path the birth takes. Birth is beautiful and sacred no matter if it is natural, medicated or a caesarean birth. When the nervous system is calm and fear is lessened, we can make decisions during pregnancy and the birth process that are balanced and clear vs from a place of fear and panic. We focus on learning the options, creating relationships with providers (ob or midwife) and making the best decisions for YOUR family...with no judgment! 

HypnoBirthing® is a complete childbirth education course in Boulder based on the fear-tension-pain concept and uses relaxation, breathing, and self-hypnosis techniques to keep mom out of fight-or-flight mode during labor so that her body can birth normally, calmly and more comfortably. Perfect for any birth setting including natural birth at home or in the hospital, medicated and even c-section births. This 5 week series is taught by certified doula and hypnotist, Melissa Johnson and Dia Ingalls. Classes are offered in Boulder Colorado. Read more about the childbirth class details...

We are passionate about educating families in Boulder and beyond of their pregnancy, birth and support options. You will find a lot of information on this website pertaining to birth planning, doulas prenatal yoga classes (in Boulder County) and where to find evidence based information so your family can make the best decisions to your birthing. Read what you should know when preparing for birth...